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wilson gst football


More than 180 NCAA programmes and 38 state organisations for high school football use the Wilson GST football as their official ball.
It has a nice grip and feel because to the soft, supple leather used in its construction.
Players can better grasp the ball and toss it accurately thanks to the ball’s sewn-on striped design.
The laces are constructed from a robust and long-lasting composite material.
There are two types of the ball: a leather version and a composite version.

The Wilson GST football is a well-liked option among instructors and players alike. It is a good-performing, long-lasting ball of great quality.

The Wilson GST football has the following characteristics:

Light Leather Formula: Wilson’s Light Leather Formula football leather has a special feel that makes it easier for your fingertips to dig into for more control. It is the softest football leather on the market.

Patented ACL Composite Leather Laces: The ACL laces are made of a composite material that is strong and durable, and they help to reduce the risk of the laces breaking.

Sewn-On Stripes: The sewn-on stripes increase the number of gripping surfaces and help with precision.

Made in the USA: The Wilson GST football is made in the USA from just the best components.

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