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Understanding the Differences Between Managed and Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting


Web hosting can be provided through different ways. It can be- shared, VPS, dedicated hosting.

In this blog we will talk about VPS hosting, particularly for Linux Operating system.

VPS hosting is actually a cloud-based server that provides a virtual dedicated server space for web hosting. Now when you are taking up any VPN, you have to choose a particular operating system of the server computer.

The standard OS used by most of the businesses is the Linux VPS hosting. The Linux VPS hosting is combined with the dedicated as well as shared server. A part of the dedicated server space is being separated virtually and is fixed for your website.

This type of hosting is being provided by the hosting service provider at a very affordable budget. Also, you can get two options- managed and unmanaged VPS hosting.

Read this blog until end to know about these two and what are their benefits.

Managed Linux VPS hosting


It is the type of hosting that offers the VPS hosting facilities with Linux OS along with the professional assistance for managing the server. Mostly 24/7 technical support is being provided by the service provider of web hosting.


  • Best for those who doesn’t have technical knowledge: You may have a good business knowledge, but not the web hosting knowledge. Then the managed Linux VPS hosting is best for you.
  • Time- savings– even if you are having the knowledge of managing the server, still it takes up a good amount of time. In that case a managed hosting service would saves up your time. Experts would look after the server and you can better focus on other business marketing strategies and growth.
  • Secure option: Not always it is possible to get the security updated done. Though unintentionally, but a minor mistake can cause a huge loss. Instead, a managed server would be looked after a dedicated individual. They will be responsible to update and install security updates. Required security protocols can also be implemented for the extra protection of the server and the website. Thus, it would protect your website from any security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Disaster recovery: That is another phase of web hosting when you find yourself helpless without experts. The managed servers are being managed with automated data back-ups and data breaches. Also, they keep on constant monitoring over your server for any optimization.

The managed Linux web hosting is more like having a dedicated person for the server management. It would ensure you a 100% uptime and better performing website. Also, being the business owner, you can track the growth and sales graph focusing on other factors.

Unmanaged Linux VPS hosting


Unmanaged VPS hosting is the hosting service when you have the full control over the server as well the website. With the full control, you need to have a robust technical knowledge on web hosting and server management. When the control is with you, no doubt, you can provide the best customization as the business needs.


  • You are the owner: surely you are the one who controls the business as well as the server. Those who are knowledgeable of the web hosting features can take up this unmanaged Linux VPS hosting.
  • Flexibility: when you have the control of the server, you can set the configuration and optimize it as you need. You can go on trial-and-error method to find out the suitable alternatives. You get the hardware control and run whatever you want. That what make it more interesting
  • A cheaper option: That is another benefit of having a sound technical knowledge. Instead of hiring an administrator, just pay for the hosting server. You can better save a lot of bucks and invest in other growth factors of businesses.

Mostly unmanaged hosting is taken up by established brands. Some of the organizations also have their in-house experts to manage the server. So, they didn’t need an administrator from the hosting company.

Here is a tabular overview of the main differences between managed and unmanaged one:

Managed Linux VPS hosting Unmanaged Linux VPS hosting
Administrator takes care who are from hosting service provider The website owner is responsible for the server control
Little bit expensive Cheaper option
Best for the beginners and start-ups Suitable for technically sound owners and large businesses


How To Choose the Linux VPS Hosting provider?

Choosing a VPS hosting provider is a real challenge. When you search over Google, you can find so many of them. All of them guarantee you the best service with 100% uptime. So, which one is the best. Here’s the real confusion that anyone face while need to pick a service provider.

So, start with the ratings and reviews. When you get the result, check out the google ratings and reviews. Based on that choose the best rated five companies near you.

Next directly visit the website and check the basic package details. It would include the uptime, back-up, technical supports, RAM, CPU, storage, Bandwidth, technologies, and hardware used etc. Compare them among the chosen companies.

After that comes the price of the packages. Always the cheaper one may not be good one. They may be giving you something less which your website may need more. So never goes with the lowest one. Compare the prices along with package details.

Lastly, contact the and take up expertise support.


There are many Linux Web hosting service providers who provide only managed hosting. InfoSky Solutions is a renowned Linux web hosting service provider who provide technical support for all their clients. 365 days support is provided in case of any server errors or technical problems.

So those who are facing cost issues and thinking of opting for unmanaged hosting, contact with InfoSky Solutions. You can get managed Linux VPS hosting at affordable price range. Technical support is provided along with automated back-ups and security upgradation too. Your right decision now can change the entire result, optimizing a better website.

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