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Troubleshooting Common WordPress Hosting Issues: Tips and Solutions


Businesses requires a website to initiate their online presence. Earlier, you need to contact with any website developer and designer to get that task done. But now it has been simplified. Business website can be easily be created with the WordPress. It a CMS (Content management system) that has completely changes the website designing market for many years.

There are many reasons why a start-up business prefers the WordPress website and its hosting: To start with is that it is free. Choose a theme, put necessary content, and do few changes. Publish the website to get it hosted. Wide variety of themes are available which makes it more preferred by businesses. Moreover, they are SEO-friendly website too. WordPress web hosting is completely free and can be the best one for any start-up businesses or blogsites.

Well, even after having so many benefits, after a certain growth, many are looking for alternatives. WordPress web hosting is not enough.

We will discuss it in this blog. We will talk about the challenges and how to overcome them. So, let’s start.

Overview of common hosting issues with WordPress

Website performance

When you have started to grow your business, website need to maintain its performance by being high speed. A high-speed and faster loading website enhance customer’s experience by providing content at flash speed.

But that is what primarily gets affected when your traffic increases. With WordPress web hosting, the website performance gets reduced that is slower loading time. Thus, visitors would avoid visiting the website when it will be loading.

How to overcome:

If you are not thinking right now to switch the hosting provider, try some of these ways. Reduce the size of large images, large files and also unoptimized plugins. Clear cache memories and also make use of the CDN network.

Fully unmanaged hosting plan

WordPress web hosting does not come up with any customer support. In case of any security issue or bug, you have to manage it on your own. The free hosting plans does have multiple users and so it is literally not possible to attend them for any issues.

Few basic technical knowledge about the hosting issues can be beneficial. Make sure you take up security updates offered by the hosting platform.

If you want to save money on hosting, you need to invest your time on the website. Website owners has to be responsible in managing the hosting challenges.

The domain name limits your scopes

WordPress limits your business brand identity by not allowing to have a specific domain name. Your business name comes in the subdomain that creates a lot of impact.

Mostly with a subdomain, your customers would like it hard to locate you. Thus customer’s engagement and brand identity can be damaged to a lot.

This can only be solved with managed and paid hosting plans. The hosting service would provide you a specific domain related to your business. Or you can even upgrade the hosting plan to get the domain name with WordPress web hosting.

Security Breaches

WordPress hosting comes with some of the security threats that can give your website to unauthorized access.

There are lot of threats that are related to WordPress website: outdated software or plugins, SSL certification problems. Also being an open-source architecture, the core codes are accessible to nay strangers.

There are ways to overcome them. The first step is to be aware about the issue. Mostly hackers target those websites which are outdated for long time. Also, plugins that are not been upgraded are also the target. So, make sure you get the installation done as you get the updated. Make use of plug-ins and themes from well known sources. A security plugin can be installed for prevention.

Error establishing database connection

It is a common error over WordPress hosting. It means that the user is failing to connect with the database existing. It can be caused due to multiple reasons.

  • The data server can be down
  • WordPress files are corrupted
  • Your database is corrupted
  • The credentials are wrongly inputted.

The first thing you need to do is toc heck the credentials you have given to login. If they are correct, still it is showing this error, then surely you need to think about it.

Repairing the database can be done by adding a simple line of code in wp.config.php- enter define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true).

In order to restore the database you can download the default version of WP and unzip that file. Delete the wp content folder and wp.config-sample.php file. Now upload the new file.

Resources of the server

Traffic spikes are common when you have the business growth. But unmanaged web hosting of WorsPres may not be able to handle such traffic spikes. In the free hosting package, you need to share the server resource with the other websites too. Thus, it leads to downtime and website crashes.

Also limited server space also restrict from installing plugins to your websites too. Hence it is required to change the hosting plan when your website calls for it.

Surely paid website can be affordable but overcome such issues of server space and bandwidth limitation too.  consult with a reliable web hosting provider for scalable hosting package.


WordPress is the best platform to start with. Its websites theme has some of the best designs which can make you brand. Knowledgeable applications of the plugins and theme can overcome few of the challenges it has. Besides, security vulnerabilities can be prevented by being aware.

But when your business has tarted to grow and engaging more customers, free hosting has to be changed. You need to switch to either the paid version of WordPress or pick a reliable web hosting provider. Surely they would offer a better scope of business developments with hosting plans.

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