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NGOs Working for Education Near Me – Save the Children


The first step to discover NGOs working for education near me is by conducting an online search using the specific keyword. This will help you locate local organisations actively involved in improving educational opportunities for children. Furthermore, you can reach out to educational institutions, community centres, or regional government offices for information about NGOs working in your area. Often, these entities have partnerships or collaborations with NGOs and can provide valuable insights into their work. 

In India, Bal Raksha Bharat (globally known as Save the Children) is one such inspiring organisation that is dedicated to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for children across the country. They understand that education serves as the bedrock for growth and transformation. With a robust presence in 16 states of India, they have been working since 2008 to bridge the gaps in education by focusing on providing quality education, resources, and support to less privileged children.

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