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Leveraging Redfinger to Accumulate and Utilize Cloud Coins in Revelation Online


In Revelation Online, Cloud Coins are the most multipurpose type of in-game currency. This article will explain the process of obtaining and taking advantage of Cloud Coins within the game.

An Overview of Cloud Coins

This article presents an introduction to the concept of Cloud Coins, what they are, and how they work.

Revelation Online features Cloud Coins as a form of virtual currency. These coins are a versatile means of paying for various activities and items within the game. It is important for players to know how to earn and spend Cloud Coins in order to move forward in the game.

Techniques to Gain Cloud Currency

  1. Engage in Day-to-Day Tasks

Revelation Online offers a wonderful opportunity to acquire Cloud Coins through daily activities. Players can gain a large amount of Cloud Coins by competing in Cloud Top, opening the final box in Fairy Park, and collecting boxes in Wuyan Sulan. Furthermore, there is a distinct advantage to completing daily tasks and reaching a certain activity point level, as it rewards players with Cloud Coins. Participating in these events is a great way to obtain Cloud Coins quickly and with little effort.

  1. Barter at the Kiosk

Players of Revelation Online can acquire Cloud Coins by trading items on the stall. This feature allows them to sell off equipment, rare items, gathering materials and life products to others in return for Cloud Coins. This process not only helps them get Coins, but it also helps them get rid of items they don’t require anymore. Additionally, the stall system is a good way to find items that can help enhance their character’s power and capabilities.

  1. Obtain Red Envelopes

Players have the opportunity to acquire Cloud Coins through World and Chamber of Commerce channels. These channels sometimes release generous amounts of red envelopes containing Cloud Coins, however, the demand is very high and the envelopes must be acquired quickly before other players. This can be a great way to obtain extra Cloud Coins.

  1. Get Involved in Life Experiences

Individuals have the capacity to acquire Cloud Coins by participating in everyday activities like gathering, logging, mining, fishing, pharmacy, cooking, and handicrafts. Every one of these occupations can bring in players a noteworthy amount of Cloud Coins, with some of them offering rare items that can be sold at a notable benefit.

A depiction of Revelation Online is seen in this image. The image shows a vibrant world of fantasy created by the developers of the game. The world of Revelation Online is brought to life with beautiful and detailed graphics.

Utilizing Cloud Coins

Cloud Coins can be employed to reap the advantages they offer.

  1. Interacting with Other Traders

Players in the trading world can participate in a range of activities, from exchanging goods to bartering services. Interacting with other traders is an important part of the game and can be a great way to make a profit.

Cloud Coins are an ideal way for players to trade with each other. Through this system, they can buy items they need from other players, as well as selling items they don’t want anymore. This is an excellent way to acquire rare items or to get rid of those that are no longer necessary.

  1. Finishing Assignments for the Chamber of Commerce

Completing tasks for the Chamber of Commerce can be done by using Cloud Coins. Players that decide to use this method will be able to quickly finish their tasks and get rewards like experience points, coins, and items. This is a great way to level up fast while also getting rare items.

  1. Enhancing Abilities and Supplies

Players can leverage Cloud Coins to enhance their abilities and tools. If they do not have a sufficient number of Cloud Coupons, they can opt to use this currency as an alternative. This is a practical way for them to upgrade their talent and equipment without needing to wait for Cloud Coupons.

Fourth, Shopping Inside the Game

In-game store items, including both rare equipment and cosmetic items like costumes and accessories, can be acquired by players using Cloud Coins. This option provides an effective route to obtaining rare items and personalizing their characters.


Once you read through this guide, you’ll see that collecting Cloud Coins in Revelation Online isn’t complicated. But there is an even simpler technique for obtaining them. By taking advantage of the Redfinger Android emulator, you can open multiple Revelation Online accounts simultaneously and run them all at once, which enables you to acquire considerably more Cloud Coins in one session.

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