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beginning of the journey

The coronavirus’s downtime and my desire to repay the eCom community for all that it has done for me led to the creation of ImportYeti.

Every major eCom or supply chain specialist I know uses bills of lading, but they are excessively expensive, difficult to obtain, and difficult to use for the common person. That is what ImportYeti aims to do.

We Stand For

Loved by many: Without customers, there is no business. We adore our users and want them to adore us in return. We concentrate our efforts on enthusing them on ImportYeti and the value we produce as a result.

ImportYeti was developed with the help of its users in a user-driven fashion. We actively seek consumer input, make an effort to comprehend their perspectives, and concentrate our efforts on creating products that will have the biggest positive effects on them.

Growth: We support both personal and business growth. We devote a lot of time to developing our abilities. We vigorously push ImportYeti’s changes. I only want to produce items that consumers genuinely adore.

Our Final Stop

Although we strive to be adaptable in our thinking about the future, the following ideas serve as the foundation of our present roadmap (and all comments and suggestions regarding this path are welcome):

First ImportYeti will continue to be unchained.

The rate of idea spread in the supply chain industry is extremely low. If we want to be successful, we must keep promoting ImportYeti and turning users into ardent supporters. Many issues can be resolved more easily if we have 100,000 devoted fans and 5,000,000 monthly visitors.

According to the 5,000+ people I’ve spoken with, there is a tonne of room for paid add-ons to ImportYeti’s core functionality that address issues with sales prospecting, economic development, supply chain risk analysis, and ESG.

Choosing the best freight forwarders, payment processors, suppliers, etc. are just a few of the difficult decisions our users must make in the supply chain.

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