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Select High Risk Pay to give you with a high risk merchant account.
In addition, High Risk Pay’s experience and established connections with banks and other financial institutions guarantee that your company is always able to access the most dependable services available. For both new and established businesses, our high-risk merchant account solutions come with a number of useful features, including as chargeback management, credit card acceptance, fraud prevention, and ACH/eCheck processing.

We aim to become the go-to provider of high-risk merchant accounts for companies in the United States by only offering the best, industry-leading services. Manage your payments more easily, securely, and affordably. Join us immediately and get an instant approval for a high-risk merchant account.

For a high-risk merchant account, instant approval
Particularly in highly regulated industries, the underwriting procedure for high-risk enterprises may take up to a few extra days. But rest assured that our team will make every effort to expedite your approval.

High Risk Pay’s approval procedure is normally completed in 24 to 48 hours, which is quicker than the majority of other high-risk merchant account approvals. Our top objective is to open and operate your merchant account as soon as feasible. A 99% acceptance rate indicates that your particular business is almost certain to be accepted and that you may start taking payments right away.

Services For High-Risk Merchants With Any Credit History
Even if you have a poor credit rating, we can set you up with a high-risk merchant account. Not persuaded? Our high-risk merchant account approval rate is 99% on average, which is the highest in the sector. Get a bad credit merchant account with High Risk Pay right away, with speedy approvals and no setup or cancellation fees. Applying online is fairly simple. Visit this page to learn more about our bad credit merchant accounts.

Competitive Rates For A High-Risk Merchant Account
How about the cost? High-risk merchant accounts may be subject to more taxes and limitations. Fees vary considerably depending on the provider and the unique requirements of your business. But at High Risk Pay, we don’t think that penalise clients for working for a company that poses risks a greater risk of fraud or chargebacks.

Fees for High Risk Pay are comparable to those charged by conventional card processors. As a result, you as a business owner have access to a variety of methods for accepting credit and debit cards for payments. Serving your consumers while making transactions as convenient as feasible for them will be a delight.

In addition, High Risk Pay doesn’t charge anything to set up your own high-risk merchant account, unlike other high-risk merchant account providers that may do so for as much as a couple hundred dollars.

A high-risk merchant account is exactly what?
Are you an online retailer who has questions about what a high-risk merchant account is? You may have already encountered a peculiar set of conditions in that scenario. The word “high-risk merchant account” is a term that the majority of business owners will never come across. Unless their company has already been marked as such. When you first hear about it, it could seem like a fairly direct criticism on your company or your entrepreneurship skills. We can reassure you that’s not the case, though. Rarely does a “high-risk” designation for a company arise from anything personal. Actually, everything is quite quantifiable and has nothing to do with how you feel.

Institutions that process payments take some risk on every transaction. In the event that a merchant lacks the resources to cover a client for a disputed or fraudulent charge, liability is immediately transferred to the payment processor. Payment processors (and thus, merchant account providers) are very picky about the kinds of firms they partner with in order to minimise this liability. If they view a particular industry as being too hazardous or intrinsically prone to chargebacks and fraud, they won’t give merchant services to enterprises in that industry.


As a result, these high-risk companies are known as “high-risk merchants”. Any business, whether online or offline, that sells goods in a specialised market is considered a high-risk merchant. This group includes niche verticals like travel agency, adult retailers, SaaS suppliers, dating services, gun dealers, and others.

For this reason, companies of this type need high-risk merchant accounts. High Risk Pay, one merchant account provider that specialises in working with high-risk enterprises, offers merchant accounts that are especially made for this use. High-risk businesses can continue to accept non-cash payments from clients including credit cards, ACH, and eChecks thanks to these merchant accounts.

How To Assess The Risk Level of My Business
Each bank, account service provider, and payment processor establishes its own criteria for identifying high-risk merchants. Your industry (certain verticals are less stable or secure than others) and your financial profile (credit history, historical performance, etc.) are often the two main considerations to take into account.

They might also take into account the industry’s level of federal and state regulation as well as the concentration of competing businesses in a certain market area. However, in general, if a sector is more likely to experience fraud and chargebacks, payment processors will label that merchant as high-risk. Usually, this is enough to have them flee in the opposite direction.

The following are all the criteria that payment processors commonly use to assess how high-risk your company is:

Fraud & Chargeback Rates: Banks and payment processors automatically classify companies with a high chargeback or fraud rate as high-risk. Businesses are typically regarded as high-risk if their chargeback ratio exceeds 1%. Any number of things, from clients forgetting they signed up to being billed without their permission, can lead to chargebacks.
Types Of Goods And Services – Items like software, tickets, seasonal goods, etc., can indicate a company with more erratic or variable income. Payment processors view this as a major warning indicator and an indication of financial instability.

Companies that handle sensitive client information run the risk of having their reputations damaged. This covers businesses in the IT and adult industries.
Recurring Payments – Payment processors may get a cautionary signal from certain business models with a high incidence of chargebacks or fraud. Recurring or subscription-based providers are a typical illustration, with a higher risk of chargebacks, identity theft, and account takeovers.

Monthly Sales Volumes or Transaction Value – If a company frequently accepts high-value transactions, financial institutions may view it as high-risk. This issue typically affects B2B businesses.

Banks are less likely to lend money to people or businesses with bad credit ratings because of their credit scores. As a result, if your personal credit score is low, your business may be classified as high-risk.
Simply said, most institutions will view a merchant as high-risk if they have a high rate of fraud, big volume of sales, a low credit score, or accept recurring payments.

Still having problems figuring out whether your company qualifies as high-risk? Here are some inquiries that can assist you:

Is your company at risk of chargebacks?
Do you have a history of unstable finances (e.g., a recent bankruptcy, terrible credit)?
Is the volume of tickets or sales you average particularly high?
Most payment processors and financial institutions might view your company as high-risk if you responded positively to any of the aforementioned questions.

Questions and Answers
What about Square, Stripe, and PayPal? Do they accept accounts from high-risk merchants?
There is, sadly, no online payment processor that will cooperate with high-risk enterprises. For instance, none of the three payment processors mentioned above permit merchant accounts for, to name a few, adult entertainment, gaming, or CBD businesses. It makes sense that their rules are stringent in this area.

Looking for an alternative to Square, PayPal, or Stripe? High Risk Pay will take care of you. Businesses from many industries can take advantage of High Risk Pay’s high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateway solutions. We are nondiscriminatory. For high-risk merchants, we provide clear pricing starting at 1.79%. Additionally, there are no setup or application fees. Start right away.


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