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Every Incarnation Of Impa In The Legend Of Zelda, Ranked


Impa is one of the characters who shows up most often in the Zelda series. Which version of this amazing woman do you like best?

Impa has been a background figure in many Zelda games over the years. He first showed up in the first Legend of Zelda game for the NES and has often been important to the story and freeing Hyrule in some way. She has always been an important and powerful character, but in some games, she is much more important than in others.

Impa’s role in the Legend of Zelda series changes a lot. In most of the 2D games, she’s a nursemaid, but in the 3D games, she’s a powerful ninja warrior and guardian. No matter what she does, Impa has always been an important part of the fight against Ganon.

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