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Emotional Selfie Nguyen Si Kha • Softer Memories • 2022



The selfie has evolved into a universal symbol of self-expression in the fast-paced, technologically advanced world of the twenty-first century. However, among the tens of thousands of selfies that are uploaded every minute, there are a select few that go far beyond the surface level and really explore the emotional world. With his deeply moving series named “Softer Memories” in 2022, visionary photographer and artist Nguyen Si Kha accomplished just that. In this piece, we’ll look at how Nguyen Si Kha’s singular take on emotive selfies changed the face of modern photography.

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How Emotional Selfies Travel

The beginning of Nguyen Si Kha’s photographic career was modest. Born and bred in Vietnam, Kha developed a love for visual storytelling when he was a teenager and discovered comfort in taking pictures of the world. As he improved, he came to understand that capturing actual emotions—the ephemeral moments that provoke a wide range of emotions—was his true love.

Collection of “Softer Memories”: Design and Implementation

The 2022 publication “Softer Memories” was a remarkable collection of images that transcended cultural and geographic borders to examine the depth of human emotions. Kha expertly used the selfie as a tool to record these feelings in their most unadulterated state. Kha’s selfies, in contrast to typical selfies, which frequently place a premium on attractiveness or physical appearances on the internal landscapes of his subjects.

Each image revealed raw feelings like vulnerability, joy, sorrow, love, and self-discovery. They were like windows into the soul. Kha skillfully incorporated candid photographs with plain backdrops, allowing the people to freely express themselves. By emphasising the emotions and the finer details of body language, this minimalistic style produced a visual language that deeply connected with viewers.

Relationship between Technology and Emotion

Technology was used in Nguyen Si Kha’s “Softer Memories” to create emotional ties at a time when it sometimes seems like technology separates people from one another. Despite being intimate in nature, the photos were posted on social media, resulting in an unanticipated contrast between the participants’ private feelings and the internet’s public sphere.

Kha made a daring and welcome decision to embrace vulnerability and sincerity in his photos in a time when social media emphasises a polished and refined façade. It encouraged individuals to accept their feelings, regardless of how unprocessed or raw they may be, and it generated discussions on what self-expression really means.

Legacy and Effect

“Softer Memories” received a great deal of acclaim from the photography and art world. Kha’s original strategy was commended for its depth of emotion and creative use of the selfie format. Other artists were inspired by the collection, and they were prompted to investigate fresh approaches to employing technology to foster emotional engagement rather than disengagement.

Kha’s work also emphasised the importance of vulnerability in a world that is becoming more and more computerised. It demonstrated how we might build real connections with people and, in turn, develop a more sympathetic and caring society, by accepting our emotions.


The year 2022’s “Softer Memories” by Nguyen Si Kha will always be regarded as a watershed in modern photography. His expert use of the selfie as a tool to record unfiltered feelings pushed social conventions and had a long-lasting effect on the art world. Kha’s art embraced vulnerability and genuineness, which inspired people to reflect on their own emotions and develop stronger relationships with others.

“Softer Memories” reminds us that genuine art may dismantle those boundaries and forge significant relationships between individuals in a society where emotional walls are frequently built. Future generations of photographers and artists will continue to be motivated by Nguyen Si Kha’s legacy to explore the limitless possibilities of the selfie as a vehicle for emotional expression.

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