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8 Best Appearances Of Catwoman In Video Games


Catwoman has been in some of the most famous video games ever.

Catwoman first showed up in Batman #1, which came out in 1940. This famous Gotham City Siren was first called “the Cat,” and in her first story, she pretended to be an old woman so she could be paid to break into a house. She was presented as the mysterious cat burglar and jewel thief fans know and love from her first appearance.

Catwoman has been in movies, TV shows, comics, and video games for more than 80 years. She has been both an anti-hero and one of Batman’s most trusted and loyal friends. Her work in video games over the years has been very interesting. Her character has had many different voice actors, looks, and changes to who she is, and these games have done the best job of showing these changes.

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