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5 Things To Like About Royal Enfield Classic 350


The Royal Enfield Bikes has built a reputation over its seven-decade existence, combining timeless style with unmatched performance. One of the most popular bikes of the Royal Enfield is Classic 350. Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a powerful engine that boasts enduring appeal and respectable performance. The 2022 version of the Classic 350 is designed to captivate attention, featuring distinctive style elements. 

The design, such as a teardrop-shaped gasoline tank, a matte-finished leg guard, and a pinstripe decal, are all complemented by bold typography. Its attractive looks and appeal resulted in higher sales figures, making it one of the best value options in the classic segment. The unmatched design and impressive performance of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 make it a likeable bike among users. Here we will discuss the bike, such as design, style, price, features and hardware that users like about the bike.

Design and Styling

The Classic 350 stays true to its predecessor’s iconic design, retaining elements like the round headlamp, round rear-view mirrors, curving fuel tank, split-style seat, and side-slung exhaust. However, the overall aesthetic remains unchanged; there are a few updates for the 2022 model. 

The handlebar lock is integrated into the ignition keyhole, streamlining the functionality. The instrument cluster now features a semi-digital display, combining traditional and modern elements. Additionally, the manufacturer has introduced new colour options, providing more choices for customisation. Despite these adjustments, the appearance of the 2022 Classic 350 still maintains a comparable look to the previous model.


The new Classic 350 is powered by a 349cc, air and oil-cooled engine based on the J-platform used in the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. The Classic 350 is not designed to be a high-performance bike, as the performance figures may not be particularly high compared to other motorcycles. Instead, it focuses on delivering a relaxed and laid-back cruising experience. The emphasis is on providing a basic yet enjoyable riding experience with modern safety features.

The Classic 350’s engine is calibrated to provide adequate power for city commuting and touring, allowing for comfortable rides at moderate speeds. The torque output is sufficient for smooth acceleration and easy manoeuvring in traffic. The air and oil cooling system helps maintain engine temperatures and ensures reliable performance. The bike is not a high mileage bike as Royal Enfield Classic 350 mileage is around 35 to 37 km/l.

The Classic 350’s appeal lies more in its timeless design, build quality, and classic styling rather than outright performance. Riders who prioritise a comfortable and relaxed cruising experience and the charm of a classic motorcycle will find the Classic 350 a suitable choice.

Additionally, the inclusion of contemporary safety features enhances the overall riding experience. These features may include features such as Anti-lock Braking System and other modern technologies contributing to rider safety and confidence on the road. 


The Classic 350 brings several notable upgrades to its feature list. One of the key additions is the semi-digital instrument panel. It combines an analog speedometer with an LCD panel that provides information such as the odometer, clock, trip meters, and fuel gauge. 

The switchgear on the Classic 350 has also been upgraded. It now includes Meteor 350-style rotary buttons, which enhance usability and add a touch of sophistication to the controls. 

Furthermore, the Classic 350 comes equipped with a USB charging port. This feature allows riders to charge their electronic devices while on the go conveniently.

In terms of additional features, the Tripper navigation system from Royal Enfield is included in the Classic 350. However, it is currently exclusively available on the Chrome line variant. The Tripper navigation system provides turn-by-turn navigation assistance through a small display located next to the instrument cluster.

These feature upgrades in the Classic 350 enhance the overall riding experience by combining traditional design elements with modern functionalities. The semi-digital instrument panel, upgraded switchgear, USB charging port, and optional Tripper navigation system make the motorcycle convenient.


The Classic 350 features a brand-new twin cradle frame, which provides improved stability and handling characteristics. The twin cradle frame design is known for its strength and durability, ensuring a solid foundation for the bike’s overall structure.

In terms of suspension, the Classic 350 is equipped with dual shock absorbers at the rear. These shock absorbers offer a six-step preload adjustment. At the front, the Classic 350 utilises 41mm telescopic forks. These forks provide adequate suspension travel to ensure a smooth and controlled ride. The combination of dual shock absorbers in the rear and telescopic forks in the front is also present in the bike.

The Classic 350 has a single disc brake on both the front and back wheels for braking.  Furthermore, introducing dual-channel ABS as a standard feature gives additional security.

Attractive Pricing

The Classic 350 is widely popular for its attractive prices, making it a suitable choice for users with its powerful appearance. It is available in different colour options, varying from Rs. 1,90,092 to Rs. 2,21,297. The different colour options available in the bike provide various options for users to choose from. 


There are several aspects to value about the Royal Enfield Classic 350. Its timeless design, enduring appeal, and reliable and powerful engine make it a standout in the classic segment. The model maintains the iconic aesthetic while introducing minor updates from time to time. 

The Classic 350 offers a comfortable and laid-back riding experience, making it a great choice for long rides and cruising. The reasonable pricing and high sales numbers make it a suitable bike for buying.

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