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15 Best Strength Weapons In Bloodborne, Ranked


When playing Bloodborne, there are different stats to focus on. If a player cares about Strength, these are the best guns for them.

Bloodborne is the best game on the PS4, so you can’t talk about the best games on the PS4 without mentioning it. FromSoftware took the unique formula they came up with for Dark Souls and used it to great effect on a new IP with a surprising amount of meme potential. Bloodborne is one of the best games of all time because it takes place in a Lovecraftian world and has brutal but fair fights.

In melee fighting, a player’s damage is based on two stats: Strength and Skill. Even though other stats can affect close-range fighting, there’s no doubt that these two skills are what players should focus on when making a build. People who want to use Bloodborne’s bigger and heavier weapons to their full potential should focus on Strength instead of building up their skills. Here are the best Bloodborne Strength weapons for people who want to get the most out of their Strength build and do as much damage as possible.

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