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10 Tips For Making The Best Outposts In Meet Your Maker


With these tips, you will catch many robbers off guard in Meet Your Maker.

Half of the fun of Meet Your Maker is killing raiders who are stupid enough to come into your Outpost. Make the most of your resources to improve your chances of killing other players. There are a lot of different ways you can set up your base to lure in raiders and take care of them quickly.

Making your Outpost your own is the best part of Meet Your Maker. Putting your own spin on the level will make your base stand out and get you better scores. If you want to make your outpost more important, you need to get better reviews. So, people will rate your Outpost based on how fun it is, how brutally they die, or how smart you are in general.

Straightforward Path – Easy Path Finding

Straightforward Path - Easy Path Finding

Make sure the Harvester always has a clear road to move along. You can’t block the Harvester’s path in the game, so make sure to give it plenty of space to move around. Still, you don’t have to go in a straight line to get to your GenMat.

Use dips and corners, slopes and rises, twists and turns to lead the raiders on a trip. You can also paint the blocks to make them look better. The ones that glow should be used to keep players from finding secret traps.

Using The Level – It’s Free

Using The Level - It’s Free

You can make your Outpost look however you want in Meet Your Maker. Want a level that is open and can be jumped across? You will be okay. Want to make a dark cave with arrows that shoot at raiders? Yes, it is possible. There is a limit on how much you can build, so that no one gets too creative.

We suggest that you build with parts of the level. The already-built blocks don’t count toward the number of blocks you can add, so you can add more traps and guards to your Outpost. Don’t forget to block off ways out of your death trap so raiders can’t jump out. If you like building, you’ll feel right at home in Fallout 76.

Hidden Traps – Surprise The Visitors

Hidden Traps - Surprise The Visitors

Traps are great, but traps that are hard to find are even better. Raiders can easily destroy traps that are out in the open, so to get the most out of them, you should at least hide them behind blind places. You can use some of them as bait, especially since ammunition is hard to come by in the game.

But the best way to kill enemies is with traps that use blind spots, darkness, or are hidden behind the Holocube. Be clever, and don’t make it easy for your enemies to get resources from your traps. It’s bad that hidden ones make you feel like Teemo from League of Legends.

Mod The Traps – Adds Flavor

Mod The Traps - Adds Flavor

Meet Your Maker has a total of nine traps, and we’ve ranked them all. Some are good at killing enemies, while others are good at keeping a crowd under control. Not all traps are great, especially when they are at their most basic. By adding changes, traps become more dangerous and useful.

You can change some traps so that they only show up in the Second Wave. When the raider has successfully taken GenMat from the base, the second Wave starts. Some mods let the trap go off twice before it runs out. Try out the changes and see which ones work best with your build.

Clever Guard Placement – No Crowd

Clever Guard Placement - No Crowd

It might be tempting to put all of your guards in a big room and let them kill the attacker. That’s not a bad idea, but if there are any traps in the room, things will go wrong. There’s no way to protect yourself from friendly fire, so your traps can kill your guards.

Traps like the Bomb Ejector are known for doing shock damage to guards and other traps. Instead of putting the same kind of guard in every place, put two or three different ones there.

Patrolling Guards – They’re On Duty

Patrolling Guards - They’re On Duty

In build mode, you can draw a path for guards to follow so they can watch over certain places. You control the guard, and the watch will follow you wherever you go. This is a great way to make sure that people can’t pick off your guards from far away. A guard who walks around is harder to hit, and he or she can catch a raider off guard.

Having different kinds of guards can make the station puzzle harder. When you put patrols and outpost construction together, you have a recipe for murder, which is a good thing in Tunnel Rush game.

Combine Traps – More Fun

Combine Traps - More Fun

Some traps, like the Corrosive Cube, are pretty safe. It’s just a static cube that kills anyone who touches it. If the raiders look where they are going, it’s pretty easy to avoid. Now, mix the Corrosive Cube with an Iron Claw that grabs and pulls a player, and you have a combo trap.

Combo traps are a great way to make sure you have robber bodies to loot all the time. When you mix the Holocube with other traps, you get a dangerous mix. Or, use the Impaler to confuse the player while the Boltshot shoots arrows at them. In Meet Your Maker, there are a lot of things that could happen.

Use Second Wave – Increase Pressure

Use Second Wave - Increase Pressure

Some traps, such as the Boltshot and the Impaler, can be changed so that they only work when the attacker has the GenMat. Some mods are better than others, but activating the Second Wave is always a good thing.

This mod makes it just as dangerous for the raider to walk back outside. This also means that you can catch them by surprise and make their run short. Always have at least two traps ready to go for the Second Wave of the raid.

Don’t Overcomplicate – Simple Is Better

Don’t Overcomplicate - Simple Is Better

Complex patterns are cool, but they can be hard for raiders to figure out. Some people might just give up after one or two deaths and stop giving you resources. So make sure the amount of difficulty isn’t too hard.

Remember that raiders have access to a lot of items that can help them attack or defend. With the help of a well-placed grenade, the items in their arsenal can quickly destroy several traps. Or, you can use the Shield to take damage that would kill you for a few seconds. If your base is fun to play, a lot of people will die there quickly.

Test Your Creation – Quality Assurance

Test Your Creation - Quality Assurance

The best way to check out your murder box is to use it yourself. We saw a few traps that killed people or destroyed other traps (looking at you, Bomb Ejector). So play your work at least once to improve how it works.

Make sure everything is working right, the traps are going off when they should, and the guards are walking the right way. Also, make sure there are no fast cuts to the GenMat. The worst thing that could happen is for a raider to jump above the level and steal your GenMat.

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